Appy Developers #1

We have established this company, to offer some of the computer technologies(Apps) with good properties, and with cheap competitive  prices, to ease its reach to normal people, small companies/establishments, that can’t go deep into technology, because of the expenses barrier.

Our Services are:

Mobile Colored (16)b Eng

 🔘 Programming Mobile Apps for Android & iPhone & Win Phone OSs

We develop apps that that work on Android OS, iPhone OS, Windows Phone OS, with good features, and cheap competitive  prices.

website development 2

 🔘 Develop & Design Websites

We Develop & Design websites on the internet for normal people, small companies, big companies, with good features, and cheap prices.

Security cameras Eng - small

 🔘 Security Cameras

We provide Network IP security cameras for shops, houses, with Hi resolution and cheap prices.

training-2 eng

 🔘 Training Services on technologies and making training courses

We offer a big collection of courses on technologies and computer programs.

 pc software development-eng

PC Software Development

Later: We will offer developing & programming PC software with good features, and cheap prices.

whatsapp b Its enough to contact us with WhatsApp to begin making a Mobile App or Website.

Developing: Mobile Apps eCommerce Sites Sites PC Apps/Software Contact اتصل بنا: About حول المؤسسة

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