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Design websites for normal persons or companies

design a website to give information about you or your company is one of the important needs in the technology era for any new company big or small.

As its become a necessity to give information about your company and give information about the latest news and products, to ease communicating with clients and visitors, or any one in the world, that wants to know any information about your company, or to become a member of the faculty, and it eases showing all your products in a strait easy way, as it can be reached easily in any place in the world.

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Main Pages in websites:

About Us: text pages to define your company / organization / character, goals and activities include

The company’s services: Shows the most important services of the company in a beautiful way
Vision and Mission: containing the company’s vision and mission in its field
Structure: Showing administrative sequence in departments and divisions with email.
Team: To view the employees of the company and function of each worker with a small brief about him
Branches: the user can see the company’s branches, and places specifically through the Google map service …

Offers: pane displays all the company’s products, and are classified by the management of the site, in a list with a beautiful view and tidy way, with the possibility of putting pictures of the product, or an introductory video of the product.
Projects: pane displays the projects that the company is implementing, and to view the full potentials of the project, and the idea and the characteristics and advantages and its clients, with an album, displaying images of the project, view an introductory video to it, and can be responsible for site control classifications, projects and management quite easily.
Clients: To view the company’s customers, and the company’s partners, or sponsors, in a simple and easy way.
Media Center: It includes five main sections:

News: To view company news, and pictures with these news, it can also give the visitors a way to comment on the news, but does not appear until the acceptance of his comment, from the management of the site, also it can print them, and send them via e-mail.
Events: the announcement of future events, and the most important events that occur for the company.
Articles: Workers can publish articles in the company.
Photo Album: showing pictures of all the company’s activities.
Video Library: showing video files, as the company’s projects, or television interviews related to the company, and the visitor can view them in the site.

Contact Us: is a contact form, gives any visitor the opportunity to send e-mail to the company. There are also on the same page, contact details relating to the company.
Vacancies: a model that allows interested people in the available jobs in the company of sending their autobiography, and after sending their autobiography, are answered automatically with a confirmation of the arrival of the letter.
Mailing list: where the site visitor puts his name and his e-mail, to receive the latest news about the company on a regular basis, its projects and its offerings.
Survey: to do a comparison between the producers, for example, and to be voted by visitors to the site, as its considered a marketing professional way.
Site statistics: provides comprehensive statistics of your site.
Site Map: contains all site links, you can click directly on the link to get to the desired page quickly.
Gallery: Photo Gallery, Slide Shaw, Gallery Video
Social Media: Integrating social networking site networks (website link to Facebook – Twitter – Instagram – …….)

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Website creation prices

whatsapp b Its enough to contact us with WhatsApp to begin making a Mobile App or Website.

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