Dealing With Our Partners


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In our pursuit to increase our partners and make our relation with the computer & Mobile shops & Marketer stronger, we have made two ways to deal with each other:


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 🔘 The first: The client came to us through a computer/mobile shop

The shop that’s going to show our brochure in a clear place in their shop, and a client comes to us because of that, or the shop/marketer  sent that client to us, then if we strike a deal with the customer, the shop will have 15% from the contract of developing a Mobile app or website or eCommerce website to the client.

And the client will have 5% discount, only if he adheres to our policy and comes to us through a shop, but if he comes to us in a straight manner, he will not get the discount, because of this policy, the customer will try his best to inform us of the shop/marketer  that he came from or that sent him to us, or the shop can take the contact of the customer, and give it to us, to make sure he give’s us his information.


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 🔘 The second way: the customer came to us directly

If the customer contacts us directly by searching the internet or through social media(Facebook, twitter,…), and we made a deal with him, and he asked for a discount, then because our policy states that we can’t give him a discount unless a shop is made as an intermediary between us, then we will ask him for the name of his city, then we go to our excel sheet and select one of the collected shops randomly, then we contact that shop and give him 5% only, because the shop was not the one that sent the customer, and we will give the 5% to the shop, to increase our relationship with our partners, and make it strong enough so we can have more customers in the future and the shop will get the percentage listed above in the first way.


In this situation(second way), the client will have only 3% discount from the contract, because he came to us directly not through an intermediary shop/marketer.


Note: As it happens to your shop, 10-15 customer might enter your shop, and only 1 or two buys from it, the same thing with us, you might send a lot of people to us, but only a few might make a deal with us, so the 15% will be given when only a contract is made, and it will be deducted from each payment from the deal.


The shops/marketers can download our brochure from this page:

Arabic brochure

English brochure


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