Future Projects

We have several projects “Websites/e-Commerce/Apps/Programs”, that we plan to design, and some need supporters, and other don’t, and they are:

*  Free: Human Donate App/Site

*  Free: One Hospital File App/Site

*  Free: I Care App/Site

*  Free: HR Management Application/Site

*  Free: Mega Companies Site

*  Person/Thing Authentication

*  Appointments/Reservation Booking App/Site

*  Real Estate Management and rental App/Site


*  The idea of ​​connecting all restaurants in one delivery food system app/site

*  E-store shops for Malls

*  Site to link to the residents of elders, with people

*  Gym Shop App/Site


*  Chat App, for married and engaged couples only

*  Online Learning Management System App/Site

*  Apply to the dates of the facility, such as the work of a training center scheduling courses, dates booking room hotel, meeting dates



Who ever want’s to be a main supporter, to any of our sites/apps, can contact us.




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