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We develop & design eCommerce websites with the following characteristics:


🔘 You can sell anything, and in everywhere in the world

In your eCommerce you can sell real things, or services, in all shapes and sizes, and show the product and its different variables and configurations.

so our customers can have their own market, and sell their items in a website like: Amazon.com  & Rakuten.com & sooq.com.


🔘 Ship to everywhere

You can give free shipping or priced shipping. You can select specific countries, or ship to the whole world, there are a lot of settings that can customize your shipping types.


🔘 Payment Types

Accept payments from credit cards in the countries that allow it, and also paypal service, and Bank Transfers, or payment on shipping. also the payment with the customer amazon.com account.


🔘 Control Everything

We give you the freedom to fully control your eCommerce site, from setting Taxes if your country demands it, to stock levels, to client accounts. And re-change the settings when ever you want, everything is under your control.


🔘 Selecting Your Own Themes

You can select the color and shape of your shop, and change it when ever you want, from a wide selection that you can select.


🔘 Re-design

We designed the eCommerce site, to be easily re-designed and functionality added programmatic depending on your requirements.


 🔘 Social Media

Your eCommerce site, can be easily connected to your social media accounts, also its possible to share each item/product with the social media links.


 🔘 Developing Mobile App for your eCommerce

We can make a mobile app for your eCommerce site, so your customers, can easily shop through your site, from their mobiles, tablets or iPads.


 🔘 Also, we can add:

* Link to Google Analytics.
* Daily backups for each site, for a period of 30 a day earlier.
* Safety and protection against hackers by best known techniques.
* The ability to customize the sales site to the client needs.
* Easy design of UI interfaces and their change per customer taste.
* Support a tax deduction for countries that require it.
* The possibility of e-payment by visa/MasterCard in the countries that support it, and Paypal.
* Inventory Management.
* Calculating shiping price, with the possibility of multiple shipping methods and prices.
* Put the site on search engines like Google and Yahoo.
* The ability to make discount coupons to customers.
* The possibility of allowing customers to have their comments on the product.
* The possibility of linking the site and each individual product to social media sites to publicize.
* Reports of the sale, and analytical reports of the products and sales, and follow-up customer traffic reports.
* The possibility of designing a private e-mail message format to the client.
* The possibility of sending SMS messages and e-mail to the buyer and sales manager of the program for the bill.
* The possibility of selling on Amazon.com site and link your products.
* The possibility of linking the e-commerce site, with our accounting program, to facilitate linking the bills to costs and profits and in several currencies.
* News of the company are automatically shared with social media for publicity.
* The possibility of writing hundreds of lines of detail for each product, with multiple pictures, in a manner similar to writing a document in Word.
* Possibility to upload products and pricing details by an Excel file.

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 🔘 Some of our eCommerce sites:


Fasion Nwa3em Market



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