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The Prices of an e-Commerce to sell your products:

Designing e-Commerce site for Price (SAR)
Persons (Selling from house) 2,000
Small Establishment 5,000
Medium Establishment Negotiate
Small Corporate Negotiate
Gold Shop Negotiate

$1 = 3.75 SAR




If you want a mobile app to work on your e-Commerce site, and with your company name on it:

Making a Mobile App for: Android Price For iPhone Add
Persons (Selling from house) 500 300
Small Establishment 1,500 600
Medium Establishment Negotiate Negotiate
Small Corporate Negotiate Negotiate
Gold Shop Negotiate Negotiate

Note: the mobile app works on mobile & Tablet.



Hosting e-Commerce on the internet

The previous prices are the eCommerce development prices, but the hosting of the website for e-Commerce on the internet:

Yearly payment for Price
Personal (Yearly)          800
Small Establishment (Yearly)          1,400
Medium Establishment (Yearly)          5,000
Small Corporate (Yearly)          7,000

You can refund 70% from the payed hosting withing only 1 week, but after the e-Commerce has been installed, then the e-Commerce price is an obligation on you.





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