Restaurant e-Commerce site + Mobile App


We have finished the e-Commerce site, Skies Restaurant:

Its for selling products on the internet with unlimited number of them.

And designed with it a mobile app on android.











The Mobile App on android:

Video Showing the app in action:


The E-Commerce for Restaurants

How to open branches everywhere, 24 hours a day, without investing in rent + staff + branches + electricity?

We design for restaurant chops, an e-commerce site, so anyone in the world, can browse your products, and buy from the site/app immediately.


Payment methods:

the customer/client, can pay with one or all of the following:

• Sadad service, Visa, payment on delivery.

• Shipment cost, can be added.


The main benefits from selling clothes on the internet:

• Compete with the big players/shops, with the cheapest costs, as you e-site will open 24 hours, 7 days a week.
• You can specify the inventory quantity of a product, or not, also the price, discount if any.
• Link the e-site with your social media sites, like facebook, twitter, instagram, …
• You can make coupons.
• The customer or you can share individual products with the social media sites.
• You can write hundreds of lines of details about each product, with lots of images.
• Making commercials on your e-commerce site, is cheaper than making them on TV, road banners, also its easier to make commercials about your new products/sales/discounts, and send it to social media, or to all your clients that registered or bought from the site/app.
• Increase the number of visitors to your site, as the real branch, has a limit to the number of visitors in the same day, but your e-site/app, can be visited with thousands daily, with no problems.
• Broadening the circle of your clients, to be from several cities and several countries, as you will only ship the products to them.
• You will not need to re-order the products, that customers open in your real branch.
• You will not need to negotiate your prices, as the prices/discounts are final in the site.
• There is no need to have security guards and cameras to monitor the branch for shop lifters/buglers.
• You can manage your sales from anywhere from the world, as the staff that manages your e-site, does not need to be in the shop where the customer is, and all they need, is eMail+Telephone+internet.
• Link your products with each other, so when a customer browse for a product, can see other related products.
• You management will be less, because the e-commerce will work by itself with out you, from showing products, to sales, to payment, and invoicing.
• Providing the product on request: as for real branches, the client wants to get out with his merchandise, but in the e-commerce site, the customer is willing to wait till his shipment arrive, as you can buy from vendors, what the client has requested, and then ship it to him, and this will lower the wherehouse use.
• Multiple Languages: You can target multiple nationalities, as you can make your site, show in multiple languages, like (Arabic/English/Hindi/….)
• Send Messages through the app to the users, like whatsapp, for ads, promotions.

The properties of our e-Commerce sites:

(click here).


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