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Type # of Pages  Price $ Additional
Creating Website for a Person 4          80                   8
Creating Website for a famous person 4        160                 16
Creating Website for school 10 240 16



The site can be in (English/Arabic), and for the opposite language the added pages will need to be paid for.



To add data-entry pages:

For each Data-Table on the net, there will be an additional $67, on the price of the page, and it will mean adding two pages per data-table, a page for entry, and another for listing.


All the above prices are for free-domains, but if you opt for a special domain, then its price will be added.


Web Yearly Hosting Prices

🔘 Free: if you use free hosting companies, but they will add their name after your site name, and their commercials.

🔘 Paid: (Click Here).



* The client must provide all the information in word documents, as this is his liability.

* The graphics/pictures design can be done by the client or by us, and if we are going to do it, then will set a price for them.

whatsapp b Its enough to contact us with WhatsApp to begin making a Mobile App or Website.



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